Enhance your compliance processes with RTV Monitor

Radio and TV monitoring data for KYC and CDD procedures

Valuable source full of topicality

Adding radio & tv monitoring data to your KYC and CDD procedures, will strengthen your compliance framework. You can better meet the demands of regulatory authorities and protect your clients from risks associated with negative media coverage. Integrating RTV monitoring into your KYC and CDD processes means improving the quality of risk analysis and enhancing the company’s ability to proactively manage potential risks.

Benefit from comprehensive media coverage. This enables you to record all relevant negative news, as radio and television sources often provide unique and local information that is not available online.
Identify negative news and potential risks in real-time. Since news is often reported on television and radio before it appears online, you can proactively respond to negative events and take immediate actions to mitigate any risks.

By analyzing audiovisual content, such as tone of voice, body language, and presentation, you can gain deeper insights into the credibility, sentiments, and potential bias of media coverage. This multimedia assessment enhances the quality of your risk assessment and helps identify potential reputation and compliance risks.

RTV Monitor provides access to Dutch, Belgian and German regional and local news sources and podcasts that often contain valuable information about relevant individuals and entities at the regional level. By incorporating this information into your adverse media screening, you can be better informed about specific risks associated with your clients in different geographic areas, improving on regional and local relevance.

With the help of our services, you can archive and retrieve historical broadcasts, providing you with reliable data for your audit trails, evidence gathering, and compliance purposes. This helps you meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate the robustness of your processes.


  • Nationale en regionale radio- en televisiezenders

  • Podcasts

  • Internationale nieuwsbronnen

  • Aangepaste bronselectie


  • AI

  • Speech-to-text

  • Text detection (OCR)

  • Logo recognition

  • Smart noise filter