Frequently Asked Questions

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Go to the ‘Free trial‘ page to sign up or send us an e-mail via contact@rtvmonitor.nl. You will receive an activation link from us which will enable you to use RTV Monitor.

You can already use RTV Monitor from €150,- per month for real-time updates.

A free trial for one week is completely FREE. Contact us for more information.

RTV Updates are realtime automated alerts that are filtered with extensive queries from radio and television broadcasts, political channels and podcasts.

RTV Summaries are made by our team where the complete snippet will be summarized and delivered. Summaries are delivered within two hours after it was broadcasted.

Definitely! The results from RTV Monitor can be integrated using our RSS or API service in the products of all existing resellers of monitoring services.

It’s not possible to also monitor social media and print media at RTV Monitor. We believe that every component in monitoring requires special expertise, which in our case is radio, television, podcasts and politics. We do work with partners that are specialized in these forms of media monitoring and offer a total solution. If you would like more info about this, feel free to contact us. RTV Monitor’s services can be easily integrated through our API or RSS.

We basically monitor all streams from the Dutch House of Representatives, a selection of podcasts, all Dutch national and regional radio and television channels and a selection of Belgian and Austrian radio and television channels. Adding channels or certain programmes is also possible on request. Feel free to contact us about this at contact@rtvmonitor.nl.

You can find results until one year back in time. On request, you could possibly search further back in time.

An alert (or a ‘hit’) is the found relevant snippet, based on the saved search terms. Every alert contains the corresponding metadata.

There are several ways in which you can receive relevant content (alerts):

  • In your personal RTV Monitor dashboard.
  • Notification e-mails (realtime after every found snippet or an overview on fixed time slots).
  • In the platform of a media monitoring organization that offers a full monitoring solution. Integration of our service is possible through our API or RSS.

A combination of these alerts is also possible.

You always receive the following (meta)data:

  • Audio/video snippet
  • Transcript or summary of the snippet
  • Found search terms
  • Medium
  • Source (channel & title)
  • Date
  • Timestamp

With a query we mean a request we make to our database to retrieve certain results. The term is used interchangeably with a search string that can be used in a search engine.

In our case the search engine is a database with all radio, television, political and podcast content. We can search through this database by using search strings (queries).

We also call our RTV Monitor search engine: RTV Search.

Queries are compiled by using multiple search terms into one search string. This can be as specific as you want. We have clear documentation about our query language which explains how different search terms can be compiled into one search string (i.e. a query). Let us know if you would like more information about this.

Don’t have any experience with such a thing? No worries, our support team is ready to answer all your questions or setup the query for you.

It is best to email us at contact@rtvmonitor.nl, we can be reached 24/7 and will respond the same (working) day! You can give us a call: +31 (0)20 2442750.

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