Media Monitoring is a must.

RTV Monitor: intelligent monitoring

of radio television podcasts political debates

24/7, 365 days a year, live insight into all relevant channels:
an extensive overview of all published content.

Media monitoring is a must

A 360-degree overview of your mentions in the media (and those of your competitors, stakeholders or other important subjects) is essential to stay informed in an overcrowded media landscape. You don’t want to miss anything that could be of influence on your reputation, or that of your competitor or a stakeholder. RTV Monitor helps gain insight into Earned Media Content. 

RTV Monitor combines knowledge and AI to provide relevant content and context from the media. We specialise in the monitoring of radio, television, podcasts and political content (in The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.)

Why should I consider RTV Monitor?

  • We are experts in monitoring radio, tv, public political debates and podcasts
  • Our service saves time: real-time updates & all relevant information in 1
  • Powerful search with extended search options
  • 24/7 access to personalised updates, with context
  • Dedicated support included: personalised help is just a click away 

Together with SoundAware, Adfact and TRCKtrace, RTV Monitor is part of Soundware Group.
By sharing our knowledge and know-how, we provide the best of intelligent media monitoring. 

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