RTV Monitor Newsletter November

It’s finally here: our first edition of RTV Monitor Newsletter. We’ll give you a sneak behind the scenes of our company, products, and developments with this newsletter. We’ll also add some tips and tricks on media monitoring. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future editions, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Send your response to contact@rtvmonitor.nl.


RTV Monitor on Tour: FIBEP WMIC

After a long period of absence due to the pandemic, we were finally able to participate in an actual event again last week: the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress 2021. The WMIC is a yearly recurring event for colleagues and peers in the media monitoring industry. This edition was held virtually, due to Covid. Nevertheless, we were honoured to have been chosen to present.


The event was kicked off by Nobel prize winner Maria Ressa. She told all about the worth of critical reporting by classic media concerning the impact of new gatekeepers (Big Tech) on truth-finding and the social developments that came with it. Ressa: ‘If you can’t have the truth, you can’t have trust’ and with that, no democracy and or harmony in society.


Other sessions during the event were about much less heavy subjects, such as fact-checking, copyright models, best practices, sustainable growth and last but not least, technical innovation within media monitoring. David Slagter shared RTV Monitors’ best practice: ‘Get rid of the noise: monitor without fuss’. During this presentation, he shared how within our dashboard, with thousands of hours of media content, we can filter out what is relevant for our customers. Are you curious about the session? Or how exactly we get rid of ‘noise’, don’t hesitate to let us know.


Product update: Dashboard 2.0 

Many of you have already seen it: our new dashboard. This upgrade will make it much easier to implement new features in the future. As a user, this will enable you to not only see sufficient data but also manage different accounts and queries easier. The new dashboard is almost finished and is now being tested by several customers. More information to follow soon.

Retrospect: Webinar Media Monitoring and communication during a crisis

In September it was time for a ‘first’ our first live Dutch webinar, in collaboration with our partner LexisNexis. During the webinar ‘Media Monitoring en Communiceren tijdens een crisis’ (Media monitoring and communication during a crisis) Onno Houtschild, issue- and crisis management specialist at Handson Partners and Tom Compaijen, advisor in crisis communication and – management at Compaijen C&C, shared their knowledge, experience and thoughts on communication during a crisis.

The reason for choosing this subject was that if the past year has shown us anything, it is how crucial the role of great communication is in times of crisis. Whether this crisis is a pandemic, an environmental disaster, a political affair or a discrimination case. During the webinar our guests shared their thoughts based on several statements, under moderation by our Content Producer Kylie Fletcher: 

  • Crisis communication and reputation management are the same

  • With an environmental analysis, you should mainly focus on what the media is saying

  • Image is more important than solving the crisis

  • Bad news should be shared as soon as possible, by the organisation it concerns.

With over 200 viewers, we can say our first webinar was a success! In just under an hour, Onno and Tom shared a lot of information, tips and stories. If you missed this session, you can view it online here (sorry Dutch only).


And, if you happen to understand Dutch, we have a great tip:

Tom Compaijen makes ‘De crisispodcast’, about crisis management and communication, with topics from the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Listen here.

On to the next webinar! If you have any suggestions as to which subject we should focus on the next time, please let us know. We love suggestions!  

In the spotlight: Justo van der Werf

Meet Justo, our AI-man. Justo became part of our team this summer and his focus is on enriching our monitoring content and data. By applying machine learning and intelligent AI technology he will be optimising our processes and working on new products for our customers.


Essential questions he has a focus on within RTV Monitor are:

  1. How can we use our unique data to optimise our products and processes?

  2. Where can we implement the newest AI techniques to improve our product and service?

‘Every day our colleagues write hundreds of resumes for our customers. As we’ve been doing so for many years, we’ve created a unique dataset of over 500.000 resumes. I use this dataset to train AI models. Due to the enormous amount of data, the model can generate automated resumes and do so, keeping in ‘mind’ the different patterns humans use to make a resume. While still in the test phase, our model is already able to generate resumes that seem like they were made by humans. Exactly what we’re looking for! Besides word processing, we are also developing a computer vision model. We will use this model to recognise brand logo(s) during television broadcasts. Giving insight to our customers on how often and where they are mentioned and seen. Are you curious about all the different techs we’re working on and with? Or do you have questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to let me know, contact us via contact@rtvmonitor.nl’, Justo explains. 


That’s all for this first edition of the RTV Monitor Newsletter. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this newsletter or recommendations for the next one, please let us know. Send us an email at contact@rtvmonitor.nl and we’ll get back to you.



Team RTV Monitor

Webinar Crisiscommunicatie
Sneak peek of the new dashboard
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