RTV Monitor Newsletter January 2022

Let’s start the new year well, with the first edition of our monthly newsletter. Each month you’ll find us in your inbox, with the latest news, technical updates and tips & tricks from RTV Monitor HQ.  

Update: Speech to Text

Speech recognition is an essential part of our service. It not only is the basis of our RTV Updates, but it also plays a significant part in the process of making summaries. By training our models, even more, we’ve been able to take some big steps these past months. We’ve managed to cut our margin of error in half! This means our output is much more accurate. We are seeing fewer false positives and negatives and with that less ‘noise’. Our punctuation has improved too, which makes reading a lot easier. Yet with these improvements, we aren’t done yet. They are a great step forwards from which we’ll be building on into the future! In the course of 2022, you’ll notice further changes and improvements, such as the recognition of different languages within the same audio or the automated recognition of different speakers. Keep an eye on our blog for more on speech to text. To be continued! 

Update: Dashboard 

As you have hopefully read in previous newsletters, the last months we’ve been busy with the implementation of our new and improved dashboard. 

We’re proud to let you know, these past weeks we’ve successfully migrated all of our users to the new dashboard. The first feedback we’ve received is positive, as you’ve let us know that the new system is more efficient and clear. Thank you for the kind words! Through the course of this year, we’ll take a closer look at the new portal and improved functionality of our services. If there are any particular things you’d like us to highlight, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

Research: Media attention sexual misconduct The Voice of Holland

In collaboration with one of our partners, Media Info Group, we did some research on the media attention surrounding the sexual misconduct at the Dutch tv-programme The Voice. After months of extended research, the much-discussed episode of #BOOS was published. In this episode, multiple women came forward about the sexual misconduct and transgressive behaviour surrounding the programme. Since the first allegations were made public in December 2021, we’ve seen the ‘news’ being reported on in over 3000 broadcasts on Dutch radio, television and podcasts. It also has been mentioned in over 6370 articles in Daily newspapers and news websites. 

Curious to read more about our research? Click. (Dutch only)

That’s all for our first update of 2022. Up to a new year full of great opportunities and lots of monitored content!


Team RTV Monitor 

PS. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this newsletter or recommendations for the next one, please let us know. Send us an email at contact@rtvmonitor.nl and we’ll get back to you. Missed an edition of our newsletter? No worries, you can find them all on our site

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